Speaking in Tongues

DMV Theatre's 10th Anniversary Production
                  By Andrew Bovell

Presented by DMV Theatre & Neptune Open Spaces

Directed by: Matthew Thomas Walker
Assistant Director: Emily Pettet

Featuring: Francine Deschepper, Michael Ferguson,                 
                 Pamela Halstead, Theo Pitsiavas

Designers: Aaron Collier, Katherine Jenkins-Ryan and Ingrid Risk

Stage Manager: Ingrid Risk
Assistant Stage-Manager: June Zinck
Choreographer: Emily Pettet

January 26-29, 2017 — Neptune’s Scotiabank Studio

Two couples contemplate infidelity. One follows through, the other does not. Each choice creates ripples outward, like a stone dropping in a pond. Lives overlap and intertwine. A lost love reappears. A pair of shoes abandoned on the beach. A woman vanishes without a trace.

Contracts broken between lovers and powerful bonds forged between strangers.

What happens when intimacy breaks down? When do we recognize the danger of our inaction? How far will we go to feel something?