Area 33

AREA 33 (In Development)
Playwright: Natalie Meisner

Chloe has had a difficult time of things. After losing her Mom at a young age she has been shunted about among her relatives like a stray cat – many of them fishermen in this tiny rural community. She suspects she might have seen enough of human nature and is quietly engineering a no-nonsense exit for herself. Then she stumbles into the local UFO museum and is offered a summer job. Maybe if there are no signs of intelligent life on this planet, there might still be some out there, somewhere…  

AREA 33 is about trust, lobsters and the search for signs of intelligent life one summer at the Shag Harbour UFO Incident museum.

AREA 33 Development History
Eastern Front Theatre STAGES Festival/PARC Colony Workshop and Reading
Sackville, NB and Halifax, NS, May 2018
Director: Pamela Halstead
Actors: Kevin Curran, Ailsa Galbreath, Bernadette Stapleton

Area 33 is pleased to be part of the 2018 Collaborations program of the National Arts Centre.